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    Brian Gregory said:

    It’s symmetric as long as there are machines manipulating it.

    Until free choice comes in.

    You do realize chaos comes back when order is relentlessly strangling life?

    In any case. Time moves in all directions, across all realities, and is not static by any measure.

    Paradoxes do not exist. Other than you explaining why you’re not a paradox.

    And this article. Is making me wanna claw my eyes out. Not literally. But seriously, when are we going to be done with these back and forth antics of a face to face meet?

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    Otto Krog said:

    I don’t think the qualities required for The Higgs particle to explain the standard model is there, and I don’t think they will be found.

    Neither do I think, that supersymmetry will be recognized in futuristic science.

    Quantum mechanics will hold for a very long time, but the above article shows that something is really wrong in our understanding of mother nature.

    I know I am a pain in the butt, but I believe in a complete different approach to high energy physics in the future. My vision is that future science will engulf consciousness. The mind and the spirit will be explainable through physics.

    I have been a fan of Sir Roger Penrose for many years. He was the first scientist to say that consciousness should be found in the quantum field rather than in the brain. I am so much a fan, that I made my own theory out of the idea that consciousness might be explained through a better understanding of antimatter and multiverse dimensions.

    My idea is that antimatter is the mirror of this universe, and that antimatter might be where memory is located.

    I think that the subconscious mind and consciousness are located in multiverse dimensions in the form of antimatter.

    The original standard model predicted no mass at all. That made no sence to scientists, so Peter Higgs predicted The Higgs Boson, purely from mathematics. I think the original standard model was right, particles does not exist. The physical universe is a flow of energy from minus infinite energy to plus infinite energy.

    If you would like to know more, then you can watch a full videopresentation of my theory on my blog:

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