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    Sara Stamets said:

    It’s heartbreaking that this country cares so little about education, knowledge, and exploration. There shouldn’t even be this discussion happening—science shouldn’t have to pick and choose what perfectly healthy (but for want of funds) experiments and research to slash while we continue to spend ridiculous amounts on the utter drivel the typical American seems to find worthwhile. This country values education as much as a horse values the flies buzzing around its head. Evidenced by this article, by schools dropping arts and PE programs so they can build new football stadiums. We’ll just continue to degrade mentally, and those who make money on us doing so will continue to shake each other’s hands in congratulations.

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      Ron Johnson said:

      With the desire for low taxes on one hand and high aggregate entitlements on the other and a war in the middle, your pet projects are going to get squeezed out.

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