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University investigates German research minister over plagiarism allegations

University investigates German research minister over plagiarism allegations

For more the seven years, Germany’s research minister, Annette Schavan, has been one of the most loyal – and politically successful – members in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet. Now the 57 year-old education expert is facing possibly the untimely end to her political career over a plagiarism charge which some say is inappropriate.  Read more

India may go to the Moon alone

BANGALORE — The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), which had planned to put a rover on the lunar surface on its second moon mission sometime in 2015, will be doing it all by itself and not as a joint venture with Russia as was originally proposed.  Read more

Deal reached on first treaty to limit mercury emissions

Four years of negotiations — involving both fierce wrangling and pragmatic concessions — have on 19 January led to the first global, legally-binding treaty to prevent emissions and releases of mercury into the environment.  Read more

Obama’s environmental team makes for the exit

Rumours of Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s imminent departure, swirling for weeks, picked up again on Thursday. If confirmed, the Nobel laureate’s departure would very nearly complete the list of resignations by members of President Barack Obama’s vaunted environment team.  Read more

Now, where did I put that Ebola?

Report suggests high compliance with regulations on research involving Ebola and other dangerous pathogens.

In the first study of its kind, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention unveiled statistics on problems related to the handling of hazardous biological agents, such as Ebola, SARS, and anthrax, at hundreds of academic and government research centres.  Read more

Royal Institution considers sale of London headquarters

Royal Institution considers sale of London headquarters

The wood-paneled theater where Michael Faraday presented his annual Christmas lectures on chemistry, electricity and magnetism could be up for sale, along with the rest of the London headquarters of the esteemed Royal Institution (RI).  Read more