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Live updates: US government shutdown

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The US government shut down on 1 October after Congress failed to agree on a new budget. Most government scientists have been ordered to stay at home, their offices and labs closed or run by a skeleton staff of ‘essential’ workers. US agencies have stopped processing grants, many government websites and databases are offline, and government-funded research facilities have begun to close.

Check here for Nature‘s ongoing coverage of the US government shutdown.

Latest story:  Pain of US shutdown lingers (22 October)

The worst may not be over for US researchers, who face the possibility of another government shutdown in mid-January, when the deeply divided US Congress must agree on a new plan to fund government operations.



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    Andrea Coutu said:

    As a Canadian, I didn’t think this shut-down would affect me much. However, I was surprised to find out that it is affecting my consulting business. I often do consulting for US firms or organizations and I sell books on setting consulting fees and running a consulting business through a major US bookstore. Because of the shut-down, I can’t fill out the necessary paperwork about the reciprocal tax agreement Canada has with the US. So my clients are now able to hang on to 30% of my fees for tax purposes – and I have to remit Canadian taxes too. I will be glad when the IRS is up and running again. I feel for all the people in the US who are obviously harder hit by this shutdown than this Canadian who already has universal healthcare.

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