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    Javed Mir said:

    —it will spend almost €12bn —Preferable that much funds could be used for the betterment of the human resources at the earth.

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      James Vance said:

      I disagree, and consider your viewpoint extremely shortsighted. An investment of just €12bn over a 7-year period won’t buy that much short- or long-term betterment on-planet in being dispersed across a wide swath of regions for disaster relief or even in health-care field vaccination efforts, though it could prove beneficial for targeted basic medical research. It will, however, have a significantly positive impact on basic and applied space-based science research in the ESA programs which get funded — and 100% of those funds will be spent on-planet in procuring, building or launching the hardware as well as paying the wages and salaries of those involved in supporting those science ventures.

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