The people you thought mattered in 2011

At the end of 2011 we published the Nature 10: ten people who mattered in science that year. We explained how we reached our choice, through discussion (and arguments). We also asked readers to tell us in a poll who they thought had a significant impact in science that year. Readers could vote for the people in the Nature 10 as well as ten others, some of whom had been nominated on Twitter. Seeing as we’re now well into 2012, it’s past time we reported the results.  Read more

Resurrecting extinct proteins shows how a machine evolves

By bringing long-dead proteins back to life, researchers have worked out the process by which evolution added a component to a cellular machine. The result, they say, is a challenge to proponents of intelligent design who maintain that complex biological systems can only have been created by a divine force.  Read more

UK announces major study of human development

UK announces major study of human development

Some 90,000 babies born in the UK will grow up to become some of the most scientifically scrutinised in the world. The UK government announced today that researchers will track the group in a new multi-million pound ‘birth cohort’ study with the aim of understanding how social, economic and biological factors during pregnancy and infancy eventually influence people’s health, development, occupation, education and well being.  Read more