Indigenous peoples play growing role in biodiversity protection

Community-based conservation in Papua, Indonesia.

Community-based conservation is poised to take a starring role in the effort to meet global biodiversity targets. That’s one of the take-home messages of the first-ever Protected Planet Report, released on Friday 7 September by the United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Center (UNEP-WCMC).  Read more

Brazilian Congress waters down forest protection

The text of Brazil’s controversial Forest Code went through what is likely to be its final convulsion on Wednesday 29 August, after years of debate about how the country should balance the interests of farmers and developers with the need to protect the country’s forests.  Read more

Indian parliamentary panel slams GM crops

An Indian Parliamentary panel yesterday urged the government to halt all open-field trials of transgenic crops until it develops a better monitoring and oversight system. It also called for a complete overhaul of the regulatory system, saying that it “reflects a pro-industry tilt”, and claiming that it is riddled with conflicts of interest.  Read more

European research chief warns that austerity is hitting science excellence

The head of the European Research Council has warned that national austerity programmes threaten research excellence in Spain and Ireland, and expressed fears that both young and experienced researchers will abandon the countries as a result of public spending cuts.  Read more

Global Science Gallery Network launches

The Science Gallery, Dublin, today launched a global network of galleries to take its model of science outreach around the world. Eight galleries will be created by 2020, joining with leading universities located in urban centres, as part of the Global Science Gallery Network. Their goal is to engage young adults with science, technology and innovation, with lively, interactive exhibitions.  Read more