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WHO doubles estimates of air pollution’s health toll

The World Health Organization has singled out air pollution as the number one environmental health risk in the world. In 2012, more than 7 million people worldwide died as result of exposure to either indoor or outdoor air pollution — one of every eight deaths — the Geneva-based organization warns in a report released today.  Read more

Taiwan scientist’s findings did not constitute defamation

The legal odyssey of Taiwanese environmental engineer Ben-Jei Tsuang has come to an end, as the petrochemical company that had accused him of libel did not appeal an earlier ‘not guilty’ verdict by the legally-required deadline of 20 November. The company had claimed that Tsuang’s release of data linking a petrochemical plant to increased cancer rates amounted to libel.  Read more

Europe on collision course over e-cigarette legislation

Europe’s Parliament today voted to toughen up the European Union’s regulations on tobacco products, but pulled back from plans to regulate electronic cigarettes as medical products, setting themselves on a collision course with the European Council.  Read more

CDC issues report on controlling antibiotic resistance

CDC issues report on controlling antibiotic resistance

In a comprehensive new report on antibiotic-resistant superbugs, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) doesn’t shy away from terms like “nightmare”, but its analysis is not completely pessimistic. The takeaway? It’s not too late to combat the emergence of new microbial threats.  Read more

Study finds widespread conflicts of interest in food-safety decisions

Food additives boost flavor, enliven colors, and stretch the shelf lives of everyday edibles. But the experts who gauge the additives’ safety often have suspect ties to food manufacturers, according to a new study.  Read more