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Biosynthetic cornea implant in humans is a resounding success

Scientists have reported a resounding success 24 months into a clinical study to produce a biosynthetic alternative to the human cornea. The research, published in Science Translational Medicine today, is the first clinical study to implant biosynthetic cornea’s in humans. Currently, the best way to correct corneal damage is through implanting a human donor cornea. However there is a huge shortage of corneas available and waiting lists of millions worldwide. The new findings by Per Fagerholm, Professor of Ophthalmology at Linköping University and his colleagues could make the long waiting lists for replacement cornea implants a thing of the past. “Produced from human collagen the artificial biological cornea mimics the corneal structure and is aimed at promoting regeneration.” explains Fagerholm, also a corneal surgeon who carried out the implant operations.


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