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Meet the team: Shannon Evans

profile-image-display-e1397651944956You don’t hear much from the editorial assistants of research journals (unless you’re reviewing one of our papers – then you hear from us more than you’d like). So I thought I’d use our new blog to say hello.

I’m Shannon. I’m not Irish; my parents just liked how the name went well with my brother’s name. I hail from Sarasota, a tropical city on the west coast of Florida. I joined NPG in August 2012, initially working with Nature Cell Biology and Nature Nanotechnology. I’m still with NCB but have moved to Nature Plants to help the team as they launch this new journal.


When not working, I’m probably immersed in a book, baking something chocolaty or cycling on my new bike. And as I’ve been asked to, I’ll reveal that my favourite plant is basil, probably because it goes so well with pasta, which I would happily eat for every meal for the rest of my life.


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