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Calling all NYC students and NYC startups: HackNY 24-hour hackathon at NYU April 2-3, 7pm-7pm

Calling all NYC students and NYC startups!

The ACM chapters of NYU and Columbia, ADI at Columbia and tech@NYU at NYU, are excited to present a new opportunity for undergraduate students interested in the interface of technology and entrepreneurship: HackNY. works to federate NYC students with NYC startups by facilitating a summer internship program and by building a community among the next generation of NYC hackers. Starting in 2010, the summer program includes pedagogical lectures as well as dinners with local and nonlocal upstarts, hackers, and founders.

All NYC students are invited to a 24-hour hackathon at NYU April 2-3, 7pm-7pm, and all NYC startups are invited to submit to demo their hot technologies, share their APIs and data, and impress NYC’s next generation of code powerhouses, many of whom will be looking for summer internships.

Students: All students are invited to RSVP to Please include your full name, University, class year, and major.

Startups: to apply, simply submit via BEFORE MAR 15

we look forward to hearing from you!


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