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Science Events in New York City: 14 May – 20 May

Get ready to hold on tight because the next few weeks in New York City are a whirlwind of one science event after the other.

First, this week is both NYC Wildflower Week and Internet Week New York. So, whether you’d like to get out and smell the roses or want to satisfy your techie side, there will be plenty of things to do this week.

Also, don’t forget about the World Science Festival, coming to New York City from May 30 – June 3. Several events are already sold out, so get your tickets soon!

And finally, here’s a list of select events going on this week:


On Monday night, MIT Professor Emeritus Walter Lewin will talk about stars in the Frontiers in Astrophysics Lecture Series: The Birth and Death of Stars at the American Museum of Natural History. Lewin will discuss the “death” of stars and the history and discovery of white dwarfs, neutron stars, and stellar-mass black holes. Lewin will also demonstrate the Doppler shift, a crucial concept in astrophysics.


On Tuesday afternoon, come out to the 82 Mercer Conference Hall to discuss what makes videos and campaigns go viral and how different people react to such campaigns. This event is part of Internet Week New York.


Would “Survival of the Fittest” be better termed “Survival of the Beautiful”? Come out to the CUNY graduate center to hear David Rothenberg talk about how beauty often prevails, whether it be through the bright colors of a peacock’s tail or the song of a nightingale. Wednesday night is also the Secret Science Club’s monthly event. This month, Stuart Firestein, chair of the biology department at Columbia University will talk about how ignorance can drive science and exploration forward.


Get your nature fix for the week with “Salamanders of the Urban Forest”, part of NYC Wildflower Week. On Thursday afternoon, talk a guided walk through Van Cortlandt Park and explore the plants and animals that live there.


On Saturday, the American Museum of Natural History celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Discovery Room. Come out and examine specimens from the museum’s exhibits

Check out our Google Calendar (below) for more upcoming sciency events in New York City, and if you know of a great science event that you’d like us to add to our calendar, let us know!


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