Science Events in New York City: 27 August — 2 September

The New York City science calendar is a little light this week. No doubt everyone wants to make the most of the last weeks of summer; however, with September right around the corner, New York universities, museums, and other organizations are gearing up for a great fall season of science events. For now, however, take the opportunities this week to learn a little bit about the night sky.  Read more

Can Wine and Chocolate Help You Live Forever?

Too good to be true? A compound that may treat cancer and diabetes, improve cardiovascular function, increase your lifespan…AND it’s found in wine and chocolate!? A quick Google search for resveratrol will unearth pages of companies trying to sell you the “fountain of youth”, a few warnings “not to believe the hype”, and even a few scientific studies thrown in for good measure. So what’s the truth? Resveratrol: wonder drug or over-hyped?  Read more