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Mapping Science: Index Of Maps

We’ve now published ten Google maps showing the key scientific locations in cities and territories across the world – from San Francisco to Malta to Canberra. Thanks once again to everyone who’s contributed so far.

To help keep track of the various locations, we’ve now plotted them (with links and credits) onto the map below (which we’ll also add to our links list in the margin, so there’s an easy way to find it in future).

View Science maps in a larger map

Ten maps is a good start, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a master map showing all the science hotspots on Earth? We’d really like to hear from you if you’d be interested in creating a map for your own city or territory, particularly in Asia, South America and Africa, which are currently unrepresented. It’s really easy, and we’re happy to provide instructions if you’re a maps novice.

If you’d like to put together a map of science in your own city or region, please contact Matt Brown (i.am.mattbrown – at – gmail.com).


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