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Mapping the World’s Science Museums

In the third and final post in our mini-series on science museums, we have complied a map that marks some of the Worlds Science Museums.

How many have you been to?

The globe is scattered with science museums; from the Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas, Texas, to the Arktikum Science Museum in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Who knew there were so many…

Don’t forget the more you zoom in on the map, the more you will see.

View Larger Map

This map is by no means comprehensive – Russia, Asia, and Africa are all looking rather bare, so if you think we have missed an important science museum off, please let us know and we can add it to the map.

Previous maps

We’ve now published eleven Google maps showing key scientific locations in cities and territories across the world – from Amsterdam to Malta to Yorkshire. Thanks once again to everyone who’s contributed so far.

And an index map showing all of these.


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    Eva Amsen said:

    This is awesome! I love science museums. I’m going through to find my favourites, and already found one you’ve missed. I never got around to visiting it because it’s so far in the middle of nowhere, but Science North is a very good science museum in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada: http://www.sciencenorth.ca/

    (You did include my favourites: the Cite de Sciences in Paris and the Page Museum (tar pits!) in LA. I’ve been to both twice…)

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    Laura Wheeler said:

    We have added Science North to the map!  Thanks for letting us know. I have also been to Cite de Sciences in Paris, a brilliant museum.  Have yet to visit The Page Museum , although would love to.

    If anyone else spots a museum we have missed off please let us know here.


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    Ann Fenech said:

     Uhh! I’ve still got so much to see! better get on the case I guess :).

    I spotted that in Prague though you only marked the National museum. What about the National Technical Museum  which recently been reopened? And Danfoss Univers in Denmark? Glad to see the Gram pit in Denmark mentioned though 🙂

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    Laura Wheeler said:

    Thanks Anna, these two have been added.  After scouring this map I have earmarked so many museums that I would love to visit! A great excuse to travel the world.  Anyone else spotted any we have missed? 

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    Phoebe Cohen said:

    While you found the great Sciencenter in Ithaca, NY, you forgot the amazing Museum of the Earth, also in Ithaca – a wonderful natural history, geology, and paleontology museum. Thanks for this map – as someone who hopes to one day perhaps work at a museum, it gives me a good guide on where I might look

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    Laura Wheeler said:

    Thanks Phoebe, this has been added to the map.  You must have a read of one of our editorial posts on museums, Behind the Doors at the Museum – part 2 where we talk to the staff working behind the scenes creating the exhibits and carrying out valuable research. You may find it useful if you are one day hoping to work in one.

    Can anyone think of any more we have left off?? Feel free to write in this comment thread we want to make sure we have every science museum on here. 

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    Brian Derby said:

    I am not sure how you define a Science Museum but to add to the Manchester Area there is also the University Museum (Manchester Museum) which covers biology and medicine that are not really included in the otherwise excelent Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester that is on the map.

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    Laura Wheeler said:

    Perfect thanks Brian I shall add this to the map- I have just enjoyed reading your post on the MOSI what a great museum, sadly facing such funding problems- let’s keep our fingers crossed for its future.

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    Sarah Chow said:

    Fantastic idea to do a mini series on Science Museums! I have to say, it’s fun to get kids excited about science and immerse them into it by having them sleepover by the exhibits. But one definately feels sleep deprived the next day, especially when you are the one organizing it.

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    Laura Wheeler said:

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions so far.

    Jo and Mike these will be added to the map.

    Don’t forget if you spot any more please let us know.

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    Andrzej Lechowski said:

    There is the Museum of Urban Engineering in Cracow. A short description of the following expositions:

    – history of technique

    – history of automotive industry

    – interactive scientific games

    on http://www.mojaenergia.pl/strony/1/i/292.php





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    Dimitri Anggoro said:

    ooh I forgot, there’s also Jakarta’s Planetarium and The Boscha Sky Observatorium in Bandung….

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    Laura Wheeler said:

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions, they have all been added to the map.  Any more just let us know. Thanks

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    Ralph Cox said:

    I might suggest that Space Center Houston at Johnson Space Center is a science musuem, or a least it used to be.  Not sure what is going on there now.

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    Joshua Schwartz said:

    Does anyone know why the Creation Museum in Kentucky is listed as a science museum? Please correct this immediately.

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    Laura Wheeler said:

    Thanks Ralph, we shall add this to the map. 

    Joshua the Creation Museum has been listed as a science museum in some places, this has now been removed.

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    Dimitri Anggoro said:

    more science museum in Indonesia :

    1. Ethnobotany Museum (Bogor, West Java)

    2. Bugs and Butterflies Park and Museum (Jakarta)

    3. Zoology Museum (Bogor, West Java)

    4. Frater Vianney, BHK’s Zoology Museum (Malang, East Java)

    5. Geological Museum (Bandung, West Java)

    6. Karst Museum (Wonogiri, Central Java)

    you could verified them in http://www.museumindonesia.com (sorry..only in Indonesian)

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    Damir Perisa said:

    no museums in switzerland?

    please go to


    then choose Kategorie = Naturwissenschaftliche Museen

    and also have a look at Kategorie = Technische Museen

    if you need help or needing more informations, don’t hesitate to contact me

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    Laura Wheeler said:

    A big thanks to the latest people who have contributed to this map.  It is still a work in progress and we urge everyone to suggest any museums we may have left off.  Thanks Dimitri and Damir for your suggestions.  They have now been added to the map.

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    Laura Wheeler said:

    Thanks Marina, this has been added to the map – let’s make sure we get every science museum on there, especially small local museums that we may have missed off.  

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    Laura Wheeler said:

    Thanks Anna, these are on the Map.  We are by no means finished, so please if you can see any other museums we may have left off feel free to let me know.  

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    Andrew White said:

    Which is in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia!

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    Laura Wheeler said:

     Thanks for your suggestion Andrew, this has been added to the map.  

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    Mariann Raisma said:

    Hello! In Estonia I would like to include University of Tartu History Museum (this incudes also museum of astronomy and medicine in a beautiful historical university campus) and University of Tartu Natural History Museum.


    best regards from Tartu!

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    Laura Wheeler said:

     Hi Mariann, 

    Thanks for alerting us to the Tartu museum, we had now added them to the map.

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    Laura Wheeler said:

    Hi Carlos, this has been added to the map.  Thanks for your contribution 

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