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Introducing the nature.com blogs I – the News blog

Over the next week or so here on Of Schemes and Memes we’re going to be introducing all the blogs on the new nature.com blogs site. We start off with the News blog where you can expect multiple daily updates. Ananyo Bhattacharya, Nature’s Online Editor tells us more…

Welcome to Nature’s relaunched news blog. This is the home of breaking science news, brought to you by Nature’s international team of reporters and editors.  For example, as Japan struggled to contain its worst-ever nuclear power disaster, we posted up-to-the minute updates, analysis and exclusives from our specialist correspondents. And for the United Nations climate summit  in Durban, the blog was where you could  find our latest coverage of the negotiations.

The blog is also the home for our experimentation with online tools such as dipity and storify, which are providing more opportunities to present our coverage in new and exciting ways.

Screen shot from a News Blog Storify on a Twitter Q&A with Brown 

Nature’s news blog is a key outlet for our journalism so subscribe to the RSS feed and follow us on Twitter and Facebook  to stay up to date.

Screen shot of the Nature News and Comment Facebook page

We also host regular live web chats on issues such as journal retractions, researchers and the military  and the future of the PhD.

We hope you enjoy the new look of the blog – please let us know your feedback in the comments.




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