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Introducing the nature.com blogs VII – Indigenus by Nature India

Here on Of Schemes and Memes we’re introducing you to all the blogs on the new nature.com blogs site. We’ve already heard about the News blog, the Spoonful of Medicine, the Sceptical Chymist StepwiseNaturejobs, Trade Secrets and now we hear about from Subhra Priyadarshini who coordinates the Indigenus blog by Nature India…

The Indigenus blog was started a couple of months before the Nature India portal went live in February 2008, primarily to engage prospective readers on what they wanted out of our portal. After days of brainstorming and striking off probable names, we zeroed in on ‘Indigenus’, which we thought was a cool representation of the Indian scientific species.

I  write the blog using unusual bits and pieces that might make for interesting reading for a wide scientific audience in the largest democracy of the world. I  also moderate the blog. We haven’t had guest authors yet but it would be a great idea to explore.

The content is spread across disciplines – astrophysics , careers , climate Change, science education, environment , gender in science, genetics, health, policy, pollutionpublishing, space, technology and wildlife. We break news, discuss policy decisions, play with science pictures, invite comments and also indulge in the mundane at times.

One of my favourite posts from the archive is ‘Of eclipses and giant leaps’ which resulted in clogging my e-mail with loads of beautiful pictures of the ‘solar eclipse of the century’. We had to choose just a few for the blog. I loved it for the level of participation it generated as also for the happy realisation that the Indian spirit of inquiry was alive and throbbing.

We do invite reader comments and feedback all the time and shape the future of our blogs accordingly.  So please get in touch and let us know what you think. Follow us on Twitter, join the  discussions on Facebook or e-mail indigenus@nature.com.


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