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Introducing the nature.com blogs VIII – House of Wisdom by Nature Middle East

Our introduction of all the new-look nature.com blogs continues! We’ve already heard from the editors about the News blog, the Spoonful of Medicine, the Sceptical Chymist,  StepwiseNaturejobsTrade Secrets and Indigenus. Now we focus on House of Wisdom, the blog for the Nature Middle East portal, edited by Mohammed Yahia…

A window to science in the Arab world

The House of Wisdom blog deals with a nice niche field–  everything to do with science in the Arab world.

This region of the world may have fallen off the science bandwagon in recent history, but between the 8th and 13th centuries it was pretty much the home of science. There are various efforts now to bring about a science renaissance in the region and regenerate the science tradition that once lived here.

And that’s exactly why we created The House of Wisdom blog. It is named after one of the most major intellectual centres during the Islamic Golden Age of Science, which was based in Baghdad before it was destroyed during the Mongols invasion of the city. We want to be part of that science renaissance and cover it as it unfolds, making the blog a home for scientists and those interested in science who want to discuss issues of science and keep up with all the latest from the region, along with our parent portal Nature Middle East.

Most posts are written by the Nature Middle East editor, Mohammed Yahia, but occasionally guest blogs on really interesting subjects – often controversial – will pop up. If you think you have an interesting idea for a blog post do get in touch!

House of Wisdom’s editor, Mohammed Yahia

Posts are quite diverse, from coverage of conferences taking place in the Arab world to quick news to more in-depth discussions of topics important to science in the region. Just stop by regularly and there will always be something interesting!

More controversial topics that generate a lot of discussion are always a nice addition, such as one post last year, Evolution & Islam, discussing why there is outright denial of evolution in most of the Arab states, and whether it was indeed a case of “science vs. religion.”

We’re gearing up for more regular posts in 2012, with a bigger focus on science news and discussions to engage our audience – and we would be very happy to have input from you to tailor it to the topics that you find interesting and would like to discuss. Keep up to date with everything on the blog by subscribing to our RRS feed here.

Meanwhile, you can also easily find Nature Middle East and the House of Wisdom on Twitter, Facebook, and more recently now on Google+ as well. We are open to your suggestions so do stop by, even if just for a chat with one of the editors!



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