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A new era for the Nature Network blogs

The past 12 months have involved many exciting developments in NPG’s on- and offline community engagement activities. We’ve launched the Scientific American blogging network and the nature.com blogs site for blogs from NPG editors and staff. We’re also engaging ever more actively via social media including on Facebook (where the nature.com page now has key milestones, photos and more from NPG’s history incorporated into the new timeline feature), on Twitter and on Google+.

As we continue our commitment to participate in conversations about all aspects of science, we’re also reviewing how to improve our existing services. As a result of these reviews, today we’re launching SciLogs.com, a WordPress-based blogging site and the new home for Nature Network bloggers. We’ve made these changes so that our bloggers can take advantage of recent improvements in blogging technology, and so that we can offer a better service to those who choose to blog with us.

SciLogs.com is a new English language blogging network, hosted alongside the popular German language blogging network, Scilogs.de, which also has Spanish and Dutch versions. It is hosted by Spektrum der Wissenschaft (the Spectrum of Science), a member of the Nature Publishing Group (NPG) family.

From today, Scilogs.com will provide an improved user experience for bloggers, readers and commenters, while re-affirming our goals to support science communication. Blogs that are making a new home on Scilogs.com have transferred their full archive with them, making sure that previous conversations and observations have been preserved for posterity. We have also set up suitable redirects so that links and search indexing continues to work seamlessly.

We hope that you’ll share our enthusiasm and join in the conversations wherever you can.


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