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Nature.com Blogs – a collection of blogs from editors and other staff at NPG

Over the last few months, the Indigenus blog hosted by Nature India, have been running an ‘Away from home’ blogging series. Each Wednesday, they feature an Indian postdoc working in a foreign lab. This week they summarise the month’s entries, including an interactive map pinpointing the labs these postdocs are located. Join in the conversation online using the #postdochat hashtag.

Credit: Maki Naro

Credit: Maki Naro

Wednesdays is also the day that Soapbox Science, the nature.com guest blog is updated. The latest contribution was from science illustrator Emily Coren who compiled a list of resources that help to explain why we need science communication.The post includes a specially commissioned illustration by science comic, Maki Naro (right).

This week Soapbox Science also hosted a special case study by Paula Salgado on why the Institute of Cell and Molecular Biosciences, research institute decided to start using social media.

For more from the nature.com blogs, you can read our weekly round up, published every Friday. This week’s includes a very unusual fish, an asteroid-hunting space telescope and an answer to why our brains are wrinkly.

SciLogs.com – a NPG network of science bloggers 

Credit: Victor Habbick / Free Digital Photos .net This dog was expecting Pavlov to ring a bell.

Credit: Victor Habbick / Free Digital Photos .net This dog was expecting Pavlov to ring a bell.

Science spans countries and languages. When different scientists from different countries converse in different languages, you’re bound to hit a few walls. Last week, new blogger Alex Brown, realised that dogs and DNA sequences have something in common while not eavesdropping on his lab supervisors’ conversations. And it was hilarious.

If you missed your science fix last week, be sure to check out Malcolm Campbell’s roundup of “curiosities” or linkfests on The Aggregator blog. In his most recent post, Malcolm describes his linkfests as such:

Just as natural history museums present orderly collections of curiosities, The Aggregator will glean natural curiosities from the twitterverse, and showcase them in organised categories.

And here’s a handy roundup of last week’s blog posts on SciLogs.com, with some reactions from comments and social media.

Scitable – Nature Education’s network of science blogs

The CreatureCast blog features some wonderful videos of the wonderful world of wonderful animals. Last week brought five new videos. Some of our favourites include: the unusual Mudskipper fish and the Nautilus, with an explanation about how it swims under water, being a shell and all.

SpotOn NYC – a monthly discussion series in NYC co-hosted by NPG

New York - SpotOnFebruary’s SpotOn NYC (#sonyc) event focused on Telling Stories with Scientists and was a special event hosted in collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History as part of Social Media Week. You can find related blog posts, a video archive of the event, as well as a Storify collating the online conversations here.

As part of Brain Awareness Week, the next SpotOn NYC (#SoNYC) event will take place on the 14th March and will look at the challenges of conveying the knowns (and unknowns) of neural disorders to the public. Next week we’ll be running blog posts in the build up to the event so keep an eye on the #SoNYC hashtag and if you can’t attend the event itself in person, you’ll be able to follow along via the live-stream on the SpotOn website.


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