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Nature Publishing Group joins Soundcloud

We are excited to announce that today we launch our brand new Nature Publishing Group Soundcloud account.

Soundcloud is an online platform which provides users with a place to upload and share audio– we’ll be uploading the Nature podcast each Thursday and sharing it across our social network pages.

Listeners can interact with what they are hearing better than ever before – you can comment at a specific point in the track to add your thoughts to the discussion, share the podcast with your friends and followers, and see which our most popular episodes are. Users can listen online, or download apps to listen via their smartphones or tablets.

First launched in 2007, as of December 2012 Soundcloud has over 180 million active users per month across the web and mobile. NPG will be joining the likes of the Guardian, the BBC, CNN and many more who have already established a presence on the network.

Come along, have a listen, keep an eye out for new content, and let us know what you think!

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