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Noticed some changes? Introducing the new Nature Research brand

By Steven Inchcoombe, Chief Publishing Officer, Springer Nature

Nature Research


Last year we brought together Nature Publishing Group, Palgrave Macmillan, Macmillan Education and Springer Science+Business Media and called the new company Springer Nature. We then brought the various products and services in the research area together and agreed three key strategic principles that would guide all that we do as a research publisher, namely:

  1. To be customer-centric in all that we do—considering all our customers, be they institutions, funders, librarians, corporations or researchers as readers, reviewers or authors.
  2. To be data-driven and use data to develop products that help us to address the pain points of our customers more quickly and more effectively.
  3. To be best-in-class at research services, whether it be the work of our professional editors, editing services, training or any of the other myriad of product-based or stand-alone services that we offer.

Late last year, we decided that our research division would share the name of our group and be called Springer Nature. So not only is Springer Nature the name of the group that sits over all three of our divisions—research, education and professional—it is also our publisher brand in the research space and can be seen across all the journals that we publish.

For the past few months, we’ve been working to define what else should change in order for us to communicate this new publisher brand of Springer Nature and also to further build and strengthen our flagship brands. One of those flagship brands is, of course, Nature and all of the prestigious journals and services that carry the Nature name or the Nature Publishing Group name.

After much consideration, we’re pleased to launch Nature Research, which you’ll see on the pages of this website and elsewhere in the material that we produce, and which supersedes the Nature Publishing Group (NPG) brand. Nature Research incorporates a portfolio of products and services that we believe are best in kind. They comprise a range of our journals, including Nature, the Nature-branded research and review journals, Nature Communications, Scientific Reports and the Nature Partner Journals, and a range of our researcher and institution services, including Nature Masterclasses and Naturejobs (please see below for a full list of products and services).

Nature Research’s portfolio of publications aims to be the place where researchers most want to publish their best work and where their peers—and others who engage with research—most enjoy reading about it and its implications. We want to deliver exemplary services for researchers and for research institutions that help them shine brightly in a competitive world. Nature Research’s ambition is to not only meet the broad needs of the researcher but also to help them to truly fulfil their highest personal aspirations and those of the scientific endeavour. We look forward to continuing to develop the portfolio and to working to achieve these goals.

What’s in the Nature Research Portfolio?

Nature Research Journals:

  • Nature
  • All of the Nature-branded research journals
  • All of the Nature-branded reviews journals
  • Nature Communications
  • Nature Partner Journals
  • Scientific Data
  • Scientific Reports
  • Lab Animal

Nature Research Services:

  • Naturejobs
  • Nature Masterclasses
  • Nature Optional Author Services

Nature Research Products:

  • Nature Index
  • Nature Insights
  • Nature Outlook
  • Nature Outlines
  • Nature News

Nature Research Events:

  • Nature Conferences



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