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Mapping Science: Cambridge, UK

The sixth map in our series shows the city of Cambridge, one of Europe’s powerhouses of science. At the heart of this small city is one of the world’s oldest and most eminent universities. Indeed, the University of Cambridge can lay claim to more Nobel Prizes than any other institution, with 87 affiliates receiving a prize (74 of them for scientific endeavours).  Read more

How to create a map of science in your city

As many of you will have seen, we’re curating a series of Google Maps showing key scientific locations in cities around the world (so far: London, Münster, San Francisco). We’re very keen to add further locations, and are hoping a few of you will relish the idea of putting such a map together for your own city (or region). If so, here’s a recipe for creating your map.  Read more

Mapping Science In The City: San Francisco

The latest map in our series tackles one of the true world capitals of science: San Francisco and the surrounding area. With centres such as Stanford, NASA Ames, Berkeley and UCSF few areas on the planet have such a rich concentration of top research facilities. As Jo Scott shows in her map, SF is also home to numerous museums and public spaces for science, as well as the inevitable Nature office.  Read more

Mapping Science In The City: London

We scientists travel around a fair bit. But all too often, we fail to venture beyond the conference centre or, at best, head straight for the ‘must see’ tourist attractions in the given city. Wouldn’t it be good if there was a guide to scientific culture for all the world’s big science cities?  Read more