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Audio-visual summaries experiment: An update

In July we announced that we were running a small scale experiment in collaboration with Research Square offering audio-visual summaries of research papers to a small group of authors. The purpose of this trial is to understand whether this is a useful service for authors and the wider research community. You can find out more about this initiative here.  Read more

Revving up brain skills

Brain training games claim to boost your mental skills. But while practicing a game might make you better at it, research in young people has shown it doesn’t improve how well you perform other cognitive tasks in everyday life. Now a new study suggests the case may be different for adults above the age of 60.  Read more

Nature PastCast Launches Today – Q&A with Kerri Smith

Nature PastCast Launches Today - Q&A with Kerri Smith

Kerri Smith presents and produces Nature’s podcasts and the award-winning NeuroPod, and occasionally reports for the News section. She joined Nature as an intern in 2006 after completing an MSc in science communication at Imperial College London. In the past she has contributed to New Scientist and the Times. Kerri has a degree in human sciences and another MSc, in neuroscience, both from the University of Oxford.  Read more