A new blog for peer reviewers

Welcome to Nature Publishing Group’s new-look peer-review blog. In the summer of 2006, the journal Nature hosted an online debate on peer-review. This took the form of 22 commissioned articles on a range of topics. Readers could comment on the articles on a peer-review debate blog.

We have now revamped the blog as a more general discussion forum about peer review, calling it Peer to Peer. We welcome scientists and others who have reviewed, are reviewing or would like to review for the Nature journals. This is your blog: we will post articles about the peer-review process, link to others (see Connotea section of the left-hand vertical sidebar), and answer your questions about the Nature journals’ peer review policy.

Please send your brief article or question to us at the peer-reviewers’ email address, and we’ll feature your feedback on Peer to Peer.

The Nature peer-review debate is fully archived on Peer to Peer. Click on the category “peer review debate” on the left to see all the commissioned articles and the comments so far. We encourage you to join in the conversation with us.


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