Podcast on science publishing and the web

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At the link above is a podcast of a session from the SXSW (South by South-West) Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas, held in March. From the conference website: "New publishing technologies challenge the traditional structure of peer-reviewed scientific journals. For hundreds of years the “article” has been the primary vehicle for conveying scientific information – but semantic markup, tagging and wiki are reconstructing scientific publications into a flexible and evolving concept." The panel looked at the social and legal implications of “Web 2.0” and the “Semantic Web” as they impact science and scientific knowledge. The moderator was John Wilbanks, Executive Director of Science Commons, Creative Commons, and one of the invited speakers was Timo Hannay, Director of Web Publishing of the Nature Publishing Group. The podcast has just been uploaded to the SXSW site, and is freely available by going to the link at the top of this post.

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