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Announcing Scientific Data’s first Editorial Board members

Today we are pleased to announce the names of the first scientists to join Scientific Data’s Editorial Board.  We are delighted to be working with these distinguished scientists.   This list will continue to grow as we lead up to our Call for Submissions later this year.


Adrian Tsang, Concordia University, Canada

Atul Butte, Stanford University, USA

Ben Lehner, Centre for Genomic Regulation, Spain

Curtis Huttenhower, Harvard School of Public Health, USA

David Chambers, Kings College London, UK

Michael Boutros, Heidelberg University and DKFZ, Germany

Nigam Shah, Stanford University, USA

Nitin Baliga, Institute for Systems Biology, USA

Pascal Braun, Technische Universität München, Germany

Philippe Rocca-Serra, University of Oxford, UK

Ron Beavis, University of Manitoba, Canada

Russell Poldrack, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Sean Grimmond, University of Queensland, Australia

Søren Brunak, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Stefan Wiemann, German Cancer Research Center, Germany

Steffen Neumann, Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Germany

Susannah Tringe, Joint Genome Institute, USA

Yasukazu Nakamura, National Institute of Genetics, Japan

Click here to see all of the members of our Advisory Panel and our growing Editorial Board

Editorial Board members will play a central role in Scientific Data’s community-based editorial process.  Board members will help determine which works are sent out for peer review, select appropriate peer referees, and then recommend a decision for each submission, based on the referees’ reports and our editorial guidelines. You can find out more about our criteria for publication here.  Editorial Board members will also play a crucial role in helping us define standards in their fields of expertise.