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Scientific Data to publish a wider range of research advancing data sharing and reuse

SD_Benefit_150Scientific Data is expanding the kinds of content it publishes, providing a richer forum for advances in open, reproducible science. Authors may now submit manuscripts under the following new formats:

The Analysis format can now be used to submit reports on new analyses or meta-analyses of existing data. Analyses should present particularly innovative examples of data reuse, and may be used to report compelling new findings and conclusions derived from published data. Analysis submissions are not required to use data previously published at Scientific Data, although submissions of this kind are encouraged. Analysis submissions should exemplify reproducible research by clearly describing all steps in the analysis, providing supporting source code, and explaining how and where others may access all underlying data.

The Article is a flexible format for presenting original reports on systems or techniques that clearly advance data sharing and reuse. This includes research on sharing, managing and processing scientific research data, as well as articles describing data repositories, standards and ontologies. Articles may also present sociological research on data sharing habits or perceptions, or the effectiveness of sharing policies.

These new formats will complement our existing Data Descriptor format, by helping us publish a wider range of research that advances data sharing and reproducible research. Data Descriptors provide detailed descriptions of research datasets, including the methods used to collect the data and technical analyses supporting the quality of the measurements.

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