[Press Release] Epidemiology: The geography of Ebola

The existing knowledge of all human Ebola outbreaks, prior to the ongoing outbreak, has been collated for the first time in a database described online in Scientific Data. The database comprises the index cases and geographic spread of secondary and imported cases, in addition to summaries of patient numbers and case fatality rates.  Read more

Size doesn’t matter

Big data are, it seems, everywhere and attracting much attention, but in terms of size are hard to define. Scientific research generates a lot of “small data” too – the average file size for all datasets deposited in our partner repository figshare, for example, is just 1.35 Mb.  However, big data are ironically somewhat agnostic of file size, and instead are more about complexity – of the processing techniques and sources the data are derived from. Scientific Data is, for the data underlying our publications, also size agnostic. We welcome data big and small and, in response to feedback from our Editorial Board, have updated our frequently asked questions and scope statement to reflect this.  Read more

Registration open for ‘Publishing better science through better data’

The Scientific Data team are excited to be chairing a half-day conference, aimed at scientific researchers, at Nature Publishing Group’s UK headquarters this autumn. Free tickets for the event, ‘Publishing better science through better data’, have just been released.  Read more

Can you help us with our publication layout?

We are in the process of developing Scientific Data’s PDF design, and we want to know your opinion. Take a look at these two PDF versions of the sample Data Descriptor prepared by Javier Munoz and Albert Heck, entitled “Proteomic profiles of human embryonic stem cells, induced-pluripotent stem cells and precursor fibroblasts.” Tell us which you prefer using the survey below.  Read more

Environmental, geoscience, & ecology scientists join Scientific Data’s Editorial Board

Environmental, geoscience, & ecology scientists join Scientific Data’s Editorial Board

Back in July we announced the names of our first Editorial Board Members, and during the last month we have expanded our representation to include the fields of climate science, oceanography, ecology, and geoscience. Today we are delighted to announce the names of the first scientists from these fields to join our board.  Read more