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Scientific Data calls for submissions

Scientific Data calls for submissions

If so, Scientific Data can help. It’s a new type of open access journal publishing a new type of content, the Data Descriptor, designed to provide detailed descriptions of datasets: focusing on how these have been produced, by whom, and how they could be reused. We aim to make your data more discoverable, interpretable and reusable. We are calling for submissions now and launching in May next year.  Read more

Can you help us with our publication layout?

We are in the process of developing Scientific Data’s PDF design, and we want to know your opinion. Take a look at these two PDF versions of the sample Data Descriptor prepared by Javier Munoz and Albert Heck, entitled “Proteomic profiles of human embryonic stem cells, induced-pluripotent stem cells and precursor fibroblasts.” Tell us which you prefer using the survey below.  Read more

Scientific Data releases two sample Data Descriptors

We recently released two sample Data Descriptors to help prospective authors interested in submitting manuscripts to Scientific Data. These samples were created to help scientists understand our unique scope and formatting requirements, and to illustrate the value of detailed descriptions of valuable datasets. Over the coming weeks we will be releasing more detailed information for authors, including Data Descriptor templates, to help prepare scientists for our call for submissions at the end of September.  Read more

Environmental, geoscience, & ecology scientists join Scientific Data’s Editorial Board

Environmental, geoscience, & ecology scientists join Scientific Data’s Editorial Board

Back in July we announced the names of our first Editorial Board Members, and during the last month we have expanded our representation to include the fields of climate science, oceanography, ecology, and geoscience. Today we are delighted to announce the names of the first scientists from these fields to join our board.  Read more

Scientific Data’s data deposition policies

Scientific Data's data deposition policies

Today we released Scientific Data’s detailed data deposition policies. If you are interested in submitting a Data Descriptor manuscript to Scientific Data, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with these policies.   … Read more

Announcing Scientific Data’s first Editorial Board members

Announcing Scientific Data's first Editorial Board members

Today we are pleased to announce the names of the first scientists to join Scientific Data’s Editorial Board.  We are delighted to be working with these distinguished scientists.   This list will continue to grow as we lead up to our Call for Submissions later this year.  Read more