The Seven Stones

A refreshing model: peppermint terpenoids

Research highlight by Doron Lancet, Crown Human Genome Center, Department of Molecular Genetics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

MSB Research HighlightsLiving cells are typically asymmetric, having tens of thousands different biopolymers (proteins and polynucleotides), but merely <1000 types of small molecules, such as amino acids and lipids. An exception is certain plant cells that harbor members of ~40,000 strong group of low molecular weight terpenoids, often displaying a complex compositional balance essential for plant growth and survival (Aharoni et al, 2005). Understanding the intricacies of biosynthesis and interconversion of such unusual cellular components appears to require the full power of Systems Biology. In a recent paper, Rios-Estepa et al (2008) harness a systems approach, including iterative cycles of mathematical modeling and experimental testing, to help elucidate the metabolic dynamics of the terpenoid universe.

Specifically they ask how plants vary their monoterpene profiles in response to environmental stress – changing levels of illumination. A highlight of their results is that the variation of terpene metabolic fluxes is mediated by specific events in which members of the terpenoid repertoire exert a regulatory effect on terpene biosynthesis enzymes. Rewardingly, this is predicted by a computer simulation and subsequently verified by experiment. The broader conclusion, applicable to all living organisms, is that as the power of computing grows, it will become possible to make increasingly specific and accurate predictions, that will allow both a better global understanding and the successful engineering of cellular networks.

Aharoni A, Jongsma MA, Bouwmeester HJ (2005) Volatile science? Metabolic engineering of terpenoids in plants. Trends Plant Sci. 10:594-602.

Rios-Estepa R, Turner GW, Lee JM, Croteau RB, Lange BM (2008) A systems biology approach identifies the biochemical mechanisms regulating monoterpenoid essential oil composition in peppermint. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 105:2818-2823


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