The Seven Stones

Top-down mapping of gene regulatory pathways

Trey Ideker videoIn a very recent lecture (see full video from NIH VideoCasting) given for the NIH Systems Biology Special Interest Group, Trey Ideker presents a great overview of the various strategies his group has been developing in the recent years in order to integrate multiple types of large scale datasets. While one of the most pervasive ‘meme’ about high-throughput measurement is that they are “notoriously unreliable” (see Hakes et al, 2008, for a recent example), Trey beautifully illustrates how predictive computational models and novel biological insights can be generated by sophisticated data integration strategies. Three types of applications are presented in his talk:

  1. mapping of transcriptional response pathways
  2. functional mapping of protein complexes
  3. disease diagnosis and stratification

In the last section, Trey presents the study recently published in Molecular Systems Biology (Chuang et al, 2007, video: 00hr:39min:15sec) where the information provided by microarray expression profiling is superposed to a protein-protein physical interaction network to identify ‘subnetwork’ biomarkers that classify metastatic vs non-metastatic breast tumors.


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