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    Graham Morehead said:

    I had no idea that ice can scintillate.  It’s almost as if you don’t have to build the detector — just use what’s there.  I spent the summer of 1992 fixing photomultipliers.  Some were being repaired for the MACRO project in Italy, others came from a salt mine in Ohio, I think.

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    Fred Howard said:

    Close blogs the conventional view on neutrinos which he helped to create. It is a brilliant perception from the logic of many blind box nuclear reactions. I have proposed the following addition (, Quarks paper) but editors will not send it to reviewers: The PDG equations for baryon decays in the Summary Lists are almost all unbalanced in non-conserved charge except in the conventional net charge. They are likewise unbalanced as to quarks. My first published paper [Fla. Scientist (2005) Vol. 68, #3, pp 175-205; Table Erratum (2006) Vol. 69, #2] derived from the PDG Summary Lists the necessitated microquantal Power Law components of the Lepton/Quark particles. When this is applied in the unpublished Quark paper to the 20 odd adequately defined PDG baryon decay channels >32%, all but one requires a neutrino input impact to balance the equation, and many are greater than the PDG Limit of nu tau. Some are doubly required, and some triply. This is as good as many accepted QM/PDG/Standard Model proofs. If this were extended to all the hadron decay channels (over some years) and taken to neutrino density estimates in terms of the measured decay lifetimes, I propose that this would yield a major contribution of the necessary neutrino masses to the missing dark matter along with the satisfactory balancing of all these completely unbalanced decay equations, starting with the outstanding decay of a proton to a neutron plus electron, electron anti-neutrino, and energy. (Incidentally, the required heavier impacting input neutrino for equation balance then yields an additional output electron neutrino which is identical to the anti-neutrino, as has been suspected.)
    Greetings, ParticleFred (Fred E. Howard, Jr.)

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