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    Tim Heymann said:

    An easy read, yet insightful: I would have expected nothing less.

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    Adrian Pini said:

    Anthony Browne caused a storm in 2002 when he wrote in the Times newspaper that, ‘African immigration has overtaken gay sex as the biggest cause of HIV in Britain.’ He has described how one of the government’s own medical advisors had told him (strictly off the record) that ministers and civil servants wouldn’t accept this position as they thought it racist. The result of many years of this approach has been that millions of pounds have been wasted targeting the wrong groups, e.g. the randy and promiscuous young, while thousands of lives in the genuinely at risk groups have been blighted by AIDS.

    David Barlow was one of the first to recognize this way back in 1991, if only he had been listened to then.


    S Mitchell, B Band, CS Bradbeer and D Barlow, Imported heterosexual HIV infection in London, Lancet 337 (1991), pp. 1614–1615

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