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    Gerd Moe-Behrens said:

    Great blogs. Thanks so much for sharing. I am developing with several people a synthetic biology game . We wish to use gamification as a motivation tool in order to get people involved in online collaboration. The business model is always a big discussion for open online apps. Crowdfounding is a really interesting option. We discussed this a lot in our group. The Soapbox Science blogs about crowd founding are an awesome addition to our discussion.
    We prepared a list of interesting crowd funding links:
    Crowdfunding is the future of science
    3 Ways To Crowdfund Your Way To Your First Hire
    I recently discussed with the people from Microryza. This is a really interesting initiative, worth to follow.

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    Jason K said:

    I love these new ways of supporting science. is another. It allows anyone to support science through shopping online.

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