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    Michael Interbartolo said:

    NASA has lost it’s way and allowed itself to become not much more than a political football and white collar jobs program for congressional districts. We have failed to show why we are worth the Half A Penny investment by the Federal government let alone an increase to a more capable +#Penny4NASA . Until the agency shows it’s relevancy to the american public it will be hard to find both leadership and budget consistency. While it was nice to see the uproar from the science community at the budget rollout about ExoMars and the other cuts, the greater public has already sadly lost interest. in 2011 China had more launches than the US, which is both sad but at the same time shows just how much we have given up. Right now there is a mad scramble to salvage a NASA Mars mission, but it is more of the same throw spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks which in this case what will placate the science community. Will it be a flagship class mission, not in this budget reality. could it be a paltry discovery class mission maybe with a little luck and perseverance. The best hope at this point is to hitch a ride on SpaceX’s Red Dragon mission.

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