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Your first dose…

Hello everyone!

Welcome to ‘Spoonful of medicine’, where we hope to enlighten, entertain and occasionally exasperate you with our comments on biomedical research and public health.

We hope you’ll be active participants as well, letting us know when we’ve made sense and, of course, when you think we’re stark, raving mad. We hope the proportion is at least slightly more of the former.

Initially, at least, most entries will be posted either by me, Apoorva Mandavilli, or by my colleague, Charlotte Schubert. I am the news editor and am responsible for pretty much everything you read in our news section. You can read more about me here.

Charlotte edits the News & Views section, which involves much editing of copy written by scientists. She’ll say hello soon… you can read more about her here.

Let the games begin…


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