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Perrea, perrea!

Another long blogging hiatus, as I was away for about a week. Hopefully we can recover some consistency, particularly now that I found several things to blog about. A couple of them have to do with that infamous talk I gave in Madrid and the related post on this blog. Some friends have pointed me in the direction of a series of comments that some people have made about both talk and post, which might be worth talking about.

Before that, though, I got a couple of requests to post the mock cover of Nature that I presented at the talk, and I thought I would oblige. The original photograph is by Vedia, and the mock-up is by my friend and fellow NPG employee Simon Fenwick.

Readers in the USA may find the cover meaningless, as the Eurovision Song Contest is a non-event on this side of the Atlantic. But in Europe, Eurovision is more of a big deal, and this year it’s got a lot more publicity than ever, due in part to contestants like the one representing Spain this year, who graced this imaginary cover. And for those interested, you should check out the Ireland representative, which is perhaps even wackier than this one.



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