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Word Watch

When I turn on the TV to election events, I’m sensitized to the term ‘Science’. Bill Clinton said ‘Science’ in his speech at the Democratic national convention, referring to an ‘assault on science’ by the Bush administration (hey! Cool! He said ‘Science’!). Obama said it, once, in his acceptance speech.

So when I watched the recent presidential debates, I noticed it again: Obama said it: “Science”. Three times! The context, however, was not quite so thrilling. The candidates were asked how the current financial crisis would affect their campaign proposals—some of them rather ambitious, such as Obama’s to reform health care and double spending on basic research. Both candidates evaded the question, but Obama did seem to be laying out some of his priorities. Although just about everything seemed to remain a priority, at least ‘Science’ was up there.

Not to get too concerned about the numbers, but McCain is laggin’ [Palin speak] in the ‘Science’ word watch, not mentioning it in either the debate or his acceptance speech. (In his acceptance speech McCain did say ‘autism’ , which seems to get more attention from the candidates than other medical conditions, for reasons I have yet to understand).

McCain, however, is leading in another word watch catagory. His acceptance speech contained the word ‘God’ seven times, while Obama’s contained ‘God’ twice.

God bless science.


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