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Gearing up after the election

Here in Washington DC, a heavily Democratic city, there was undeniably a sense of jubilation on the streets after the election, such as this spontaneous celebration at 14th and U. And yesterday while I cycled home I saw something rare in front of the white house: a street musician.

While Obama supporters partied, the incoming administration has lost no time in lining people up for key positions. Already, rumors are flying about who will take over the beleaguered FDA and the agency that oversees the NIH, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The Wall Street Journal’s Health Blog mentions Obma science advisor Harold Varmus as a candidate to head HHS, along with Howard Dean and former senator Tom Daschle. Cleveland Clinic cardiologist Steve Nissen, a prominent agency critic, may be in the mix for FDA head, according to the Wall Street Journal and the blog Pharmalot.

For rundowns of how science fared during the elections, including a win for stem cell research in Michigan, check out the entries from Nature here and here.



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    TCA skin peels said:

    Well, on that note, Obama really has his work cut out for him. I hope they can still work out a plan to improve healthcare and make it more affordable to everyone. It may be hard, though, with all the money they are spending to try and revive the economy.