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What were they thinking?

There were lots of ways to make it to the inauguration festivities. You could brave the crowds on the metro. You could take one of the eerily empty buses heading downtown. It took ten minutes to drive across town, since cars were scared from the roads. Entire families bundled up to cycle on the trails to the national mall.

Or, you could try and kayak. Oops. Oh yes, except the weather was below freezing.

But that didn’t seem to stop these two idiots who thought that they could paddle down a treacherous river of ice. I passed by them-and their massive rescue operation-when I was cycling down by the Potomac River on the day of the inauguration concert.

Fortunately the city was ready for any disaster. At least six fire engines screamed down to the shore, two police boats cleaved through the mush ice at top speed and helicopter zoomed to the scene. Thankfully Obamania didn’t make most people this stupid.




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    jh said:

    Let’s find out if the two…ummm…intrepid kayakers are gonna get a

    bill in the mail for public services rendered