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Bad brownies

Yesterday, we told you about the new recommendations from the US Institute of Medicine aiming to keep junk food out of the hands of kids.

Today, a report published in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report gives another reason to keep sweets away from youngsters: inadvertent marijuana ingestion.

I think the journal’s lay summary speaks for itself:

“It is beneficial for local health departments to establish good working relationships with law enforcement. In April, 2009, the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health launched a collaborative investigation concerning a group of preschool teachers with neurological and gastrointestinal symptoms after eating brownies purchased from a sidewalk vendor. This report summarizes the results of that investigation, which detected cannabinoids in a recovered sample of the brownies. Two patients sought medical treatment, and one patient’s urine and serum tested positive for marijuana metabolites. The findings demonstrate the utility of a collaborative investigation by public health and law enforcement and the importance of timely testing of clinical specimens after symptom onset. It also underscores the need to consider marijuana as a potential contaminant during foodborne illness investigations.”


Image via Norwichnuts.


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