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New dimensions in molecular modeling


This week PLoS Biology, in collaboration with the Structural Genomics Consortium, rolled out “enhanced versions” of two of its articles. Once a browser plug-in is installed, readers see a 3-D molecular model alongside the article. As they progress through the text, the structure spins and zooms in or out to focus on the relevant molecular feature.

One of the enhanced PLoS Biology articles details the structure of CaMKIIδ, which senses and transmits calcium signals to aid in cellular signaling. The other is a structural and functional analysis of the human peptidyl-prolyl isomerase family of proteins, which are targeted by the immunosuppressive drug cyclosporin, which helps counteract organ rejection in transplant recipients.

We can foresee this becoming the tool of choice at conferences and meetings in the near future. And, who knows? Perhaps an all 3-D issue of Nature Medicine is in order &mdash but we wouldn’t be the first publication to jump on that train.


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