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How not to collaborate with a biostatician

YouTube user JavaMama926, posted this animated video &mdash obviously drawing from personal experience &mdash where a clinical researcher pesters a biostatician the day before his grant is due:

Clearly, what we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.


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    Carmen Freund said:

    This is so funny I am working on a retrospective study right now doing a cost analysis comparing two different surgical procedures of patients with same diagnosis. Just getting this off the ground floor has been difficult.
    1. Do we want to hire an economist at $200 hour who will in turn tell us what type of data we are collecting how much data an so on… 2. Or do we go with a bio-stats person and ultimately get the same results…. … this study is not rocket science yet trying to explain it is such a nightmare because the person not the PI who is overseeing this is a communications specialist.. (my opinion get a bio-stats person to communicate with the communication specialist on how to design a simple retrospective cost analysis study.