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The big malaria split

The big malaria split

Celebrities and politicians have been putting their twittering thumbs to work this week to raise funds for bednets (to protect people in malaria-endemic regions). Bill Gates, one of those tweeting on the subject, also went on record saying it the lack of attention to malaria vaccine research a decade ago was “criminal”. Amidst all the buzz over malaria, a study out in the Journal of Infectious Diseases on Monday suggests that there’s still much that we don’t understand about the parasites that cause it. In the paper, Colin Sutherland of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and his  … Read more

(Not so) evil DDT — and goodbye

A new study published Monday in Environmental Health Perspectives revives fears about the pesticide environmentalists everywhere love to hate: DDT. Researchers examined 129 women who were exposed to the pesticide as children and found that the women had a whopping 400% increase in breast cancer risk.  Read more

Going after Gates

When I worked at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle I was struck by the chemicals researchers routinely tossed away—often down the drain. It seemed paradoxical that the attempt to understand cancer involved the manufacture of some nasty carcinogens.  Read more

Purpose-driven drive against malaria

Hello! This is Charlotte, the News and Views editor here at Nature Medicine, and it’s about time I posted. I’ve been scurrying around getting out my section, which involves mainly commentaries written by scientists. Part of my job as editor is trying to get scientists to write in a lively way—and to push them to have opinions. So I hope I manage to achieve that myself here in this blog! If not, you can excoriate me in the comments section.  Read more