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    Maxine Clarke said:

    This looks great, Chris. A lot of work must have gone into this upgrade, I’ll be checking it out soon.

    One question about this blog – why are there two of you (Christopher and Chris Surridge)?!

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    Christopher Surridge said:

    Maxine, I think that the problem with me and my doppelgänger is that they have different email addresses. It all started when Nature Network got upgraded. I’m trying hard to shake off one of them.

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    Chris Surridge said:

    No wait. That was what I was going to say!

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    Maxine Clarke said:

    ha ha! Looks like you have got rid of him now, at least. Now all that is left is the second line of authors of your blog (katharine) crashing into your tabbed browsing bar….Could be a function of my internet browser rather than real, of course.

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    Jon Moulton said:

    That’s what I see too, Maxine. Firefox 3.6.8 browser.

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    Heather Etchevers said:

    Looks very promising, and thanks for the screenshots! You’re building an appreciated resource.

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    Chris Surridge said:

    @ Jon and Maxine: Yep, this multi-authoring of the blog does mess with the header. Beyond my control to fix I’m afraid, one for the Nature Network team.

    @ Heather. If you like this I hope you will like what we are doing the the old Network Protocols. Essentially an open resource of author deposited protocols with as close to the functionality of the Peer Reviewed content as we can make happen; pages for individual lab groups to display the protocols they produce; and with a raft of RSS feeds so that these (and other) lists can be easily displayed on other pages.

    Oh, and it will get a new name.

    And the content will be under an Open Access licence.

    And… well give us a month or so to finish building it and I’ll tell you everything.