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    Adam Callahan said:

    Though the reason for this problem is in debated, the need for participation is not.  As we study the causes in this generation, it is vital that we also move to avoid the same dilemma in the next.  This can be achieved through the use of social media, which is already familiarizing our future scientist with the pier review system.  Through the example of Facebook, we need to establish an interactive Sciencebook.  We already have the technology to make education the most exciting part of everyone’s day, and a crop of young thinkers who will be offering up more comments than any other in history.  The question is, what will we be giving them to comment on?


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    Maxine Clarke said:

     I’ve done the survey but as usual with surveys it requires monolithic, globalised responses, so I doubt it will tell them much in reality. For example, some articles in fields I know about seem good and objective, others far from it. One does not have this level of granularity in responding to the questions in the survey, one is pushed towards their own framework in one’s responses, hence they will end up with a self-fulfilling prophecy.