Introducing a third article type – the Protocol Extension

2016 is an important year for Nature Protocols as in the summer we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Both in response to the success of some of our earlier protocols and reflecting the enormous improvements in the methods available to researchers over the past ten years, this month we are launching a new article type, the Protocol Extension.  Read more

Decoding neural circuit structure and function workshop

The last couple of months have been busy for the Nature Protocols editors, with Mel and I both travelling a fair amount. The end of September saw me heading off to Istanbul, Turkey for the EMBO workshop on “Decoding neural circuit structure and function”. I had been thinking a little warmth at the end of September would be a welcome change, but ironically I think it was actually warmer in London! And we didn’t really need all the rain to encourage us to attend sessions, given the excellent line up.  Read more

Top 100 papers of all time

Top 100 papers of all time

I recently gave a talk in Singapore about publishing in Nature Protocols. When I give these talks, one of the things I explain is why Nature Publishing Group is interested in publishing methodological information. For that specific talk I had great new supporting document – an article in the previous weeks Nature about the “top 100 papers”. Of course, my top 100 papers is going to be very different from yours, but the top 100 for the purposes of this article was defined as the most cited papers of all time in the Science Citation Index, owned by Thomson Reuters.  Read more