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Cancer genomics and beyond…

About a month ago, I attended the ‘Beyond the Genome (BTG): Cancer Genomics’ meeting in Boston—my second conference as Chief Editor of Nature Protocols (my first was the 2014 ARR meeting at the University of Sussex). The BTG meeting grabbed my attention for several reasons; firstly, the topic was more-or-less within my comfort zone; secondly, there was a heavy focus on bioinformatics (a rapidly developing and important field); and thirdly, the line-up was fantastic. Fortunately, it was a small meeting so I was able to pin down several of the key speakers, including Fred Alt, Gad Getz, Peter Park, Nuria Lopez-Bigas, Mike Schatz, Nils Gehlenborg, and Rosalie Sears, and poke my head into some of their ‘labs’ (offices). 


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