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CIRM’s melting pot of collaborators, and its chair’s potential half-million dollar salary

CIRM added yet another country to its list of collaborators, Spain, on December 3rd.

That’s the fifth country this year. The others are

Japan (Nov 18)

UK (Oct 20)

The Australian state, Victoria (June 18) and

Canada (June 18)

I went to the signing ceremony of the UK collaboration, where race-card-driver-turned-executive-turned-British-official Paul Drayson met with CIRM head Bob Klein to sign the three-page memorandum of understanding. They let me read it. It wasn’t very specific.. Patent laws for each country would still apply, for instance. Though researchers will still apply for grants from their respective geographic locales, they will formally be able to name collaborators far, far away.

In other news, the chair of CIRM’s governing board, Robert Klein, may be seeking a salary of $508,750, according to the California Stem Cell Report. (See posts on Dec 1 and Dec 4). The folks over on King Street seem to be doing well, according to their salary schedule. Just before CIRM president Alan Trounson was hired at just under a half million dollars a year, I wrote an article chronicling the Institute’s search for a president and trolled through tax filing to find salaries of the scientific heads of several grant-giving agencies. (See that here, but note that the figures are a bit old.)


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